Bananas Stewed in Coconut Milk / gluay buat chee Real Thai: The Center, page 66

This lovely little sweet treat couldn’t be simpler to make, and it makes itself completely at home in the cozy culinary corner designated for comfort foods. Thai cooks use short, plump and very firm bananas for this dish, rather than the big, tender bananas commonly found here in the West. Cooking time is much shorter if you use the everyday bananas found in supermarkets, as I have here, than if you were cooking it with the Thai variety of banana known as gluay nahm wah. Best to make this shortly before you want to enjoy it, as it cooks quickly and is at its luscious best served warm. The name means ‘bananas ordained as nuns’, a poetic reference to the color of coconut milk, since Buddhist nuns in Thailand wear white robes.

Thai enjoy this home-style sweet either warm or at room temperature. It's served in small bowls; the spoon in the first photograph is a demitasse spoon, and the plate is a saucer.