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Chicken Stir-Fried with Cashews / gai paht meht mamuang himapahn Real Thai: The Center, page 29

While this stir-fried dish provides very little sauce for spooning over the rice, its components take on the flavors of its seasonings and deliver them in a most pleasing way. Raw cashews are easily found in Thai markets, and restaurant and home cooks fry them quickly in a wok prior to cooking this dish. You’ll often find them in Asian markets in cellophane bags, economically priced. Transfer to a glass jar and keep them sealed airtight. I make this with roasted lightly salted cashews. You could use almonds in the same way. You can use chicken breast or chicken thighs or a combination, cut into bite-sized chunks or in the case of breast meat, thinly sliced crosswise. The chilies can be any dried red hot chili pepper. Chinese-style chilies known as tien-tsin work well, as do chilies de arbol and chiles japones. For a milder flavor, you could use chile guajillo, a deep-red chile with large pods and a thick, leathery texture. Cut them crosswise into 1-inch pieces if you want to use them in stir-fried dishes. Look for tien-tsin chilies in Asian markets; the other three types are widely available in grocery stores.