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Thai Omelet / kai jiow Real Thai: The Center, page 32

Early in my time in Thailand I remember noticing with pleasure that Thai people considered eggs something too delicious, handy, and versatile to be limited to breakfast menus alone. We may dawdle over quiche at lunchtime, or clear the deviled eggs platter within minutes of its arrival on the sideboard or picnic plate, but when folks around here dig in to eggs over easy with sausage and grits after 3 p.m., it’s likely they’re doing enjoying the Breakfast Any Time special at a roadside cafe. Thai cooks turn out these simple omelets swiftly, and with rice and the standard accompaniment of Sri Rachaa Sauce, they make fine anchor to a simple meal or component of the standard array of ‘gahp-kao’ or ‘with-rice’ dishes. I made this one in my cast iron skillet, making it evenly thick, or rather thin. Cooked in a ‘ka-ta’, the typical shallow wok used in upcountry home kitchens, it comes out smaller in diameter and a bit plumper in the middle. I keep a tall, skinny glass bottle of Sri Racha sauce on hand so that I am always ready for the brilliant pairing of these two with rice. Unlike the thick red puree which is so popular here in the West, this traditional chili sauce pours smoothly from bottle to saucer, with a  texture thicker than that of Tabasco sauce but smoother and softer than that of ketchup.