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This photo from 1977 shows me with four of my students, posing in front of Thatoom Prachasermwit, the Thai secondary school in Surin Province, where I taught ESL for two years. I spent a third year in Bangkok, and returned to research my first cookbook, Real Thai: The Best of Thailand’s Regional Cooking, in 1989. This blog is my way of revisiting the writing of that book, by cooking my way through it, recipe by recipe.

Right now I am heading off to Thailand, for a big Peace Corps Thailand reunion. Peace Corps Thailand is 50 years old this year, and many returned volunteers are joining the current Peace Corps Thailand family and many friends of the program to celebrate the relationship and enjoy time in Thailand.

I will be taking photographs, eating, visiting markets, and traveling back to my Peace Corps site in Surin to visit with many wonderful people, including students, fellow teachers, neighbors and friends. I am thrilled, and feel so privileged to have this opportunity to make this journey.

Check back here toward the end of July, to see photographs and read stories about my adventures during this marvelous adventure. Once I am back home, I will also be posting at my other blog HERE, as well as on my Facebook author page HERE. While I am in Thailand, if you enjoy cooking Thai food, find yourself some Thai recipes, cook them, and take pictures. I’d love to see photographs of your Thai cooking, so make some, and then keep them handy. I’ll be inviting you to share them with me later this summer. For now, all good wishes to you!